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Bella Coola

It’s been several years now since I wrote in my writer’s blog. This first blog is to set an intention, to return to the dream that has been derailed for many years now. I am taking part in this year’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), and due to a... Read More

Upcoming Readings

I’m grateful for opportunities to read my work, and the courage I realize when I grasp those opportunities. I am a writer first and speaker second – although all writing is a form of speech, passed silently from one soul to another. Before a reading, I feel nervous. Upon... Read More

Sanctuary revisited

I have found a sanctuary in my new homeland. It is a place of magnificent old growth trees, which talk softly to me as the angels and sprites float under the canopy. At a time when I am struggling to find roots, nature has once again done it magnificently... Read More

Raven flew in

A friend of mine is fond of the saying: “The only permanent thing is change.” That maxim has been true of my life recently, and will be for some time to come, I am certain. Words have circulated in my head. I have planned journal entries that flow seamlessly... Read More