Not for a long time, has a place sung “home” like this one does. It’s all been so quick – the work so hard, the ensuing body flare and pain so overwhelming – that the mind really hasn’t caught up with it yet. This place is ours, our new home close to sea, mountains and trees. Fog wraps the mountains, Canada geese congregate in the nearby field, and underneath our very window, amidst the perennials, a lonely maple turns yellow … Read More

Words are flowing

Sometimes, the words are a river. Their ferocity and intensity threaten to carry me away, to wash away the last connection with land and safety and security. What is that security? It is the place where words were mocked and ridiculed and controlled. It is the place where the words were scrutinized until they dried up in a drought of self-doubt and self-pity. Pity – the word makes me angry somehow. Although I was threatened with the loss of all … Read More

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