To live, write and create from a centre of love, compassion and authenticity.


I will use my gifts to illuminate what it means to be human. I will interpret my life experiences to help other people understand their own challenges and find better ways to live and accept themselves. I will learn not to doubt my self and my worth, as these are distractions from being fully present in the moment where I live. I will learn to embrace myself as an imperfect, loving being who has much to offer the world and has no reason to be ashamed of who I am, where I’ve come from or where I am going.


Experience has taught me that my life’s philosophy will constantly evolve as I do. Having spent several decades trying to be what others expected of me and nearly losing myself in the process, my current philosophy is this – be authentic.

I consider myself an optimistic person and a lucky one too, but life has sent me challenges and I believe that it’s important to learn from them. I’m aware that when I talk about my challenges, particularly mental health ones, some people are uncomfortable and distance themselves from me as though my perceived weaknesses will contaminate them or reflect poorly on them. Some people need to remain in denial. That’s okay too. Be authentic.

Life is full of challenges – some of which place severe limits on our daily lives. These limitations are really just reminders to not take life for granted, and to use the energy and wisdom we have in new and different ways. It’s all right to be different, if we act with good intent and love for our fellow humankind, and for the animal and natural worlds who look to us to be responsible stewards and care for them. Be authentic.

If my honesty about my physical and mental challenges lose me a dozen potential friends, but helps someone else struggling with challenges, then I have succeeded. Perhaps I can’t always contribute in the ways I would like or was once used to, but all the time I have words and the intent to use them with empathy, love and wisdom, then I am living my life the way I want to. For that, I can only be grateful.