A selection of Jane’s publications, including academic, advocacy and fiction.

Short Stories

Waterman, J. (2011). Disaster Zone, Out of the Warm Land: Cowichan Writers 3, edited by Claudia Tenold and Enise Olding.

Health & Advocacy Writing

Waterman, J. (2012-present) Blackbird at Night, website.

Waterman, J. (2013), What Can’t Be Seen, Island Gals Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 3.

Waterman, J. (2005). Principles of Practical Happiness. Synergy Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 5.

Waterman, J. (2005). The Strength Within. Synergy Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 3.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers

Waterman, L. J. (1998). Numerical modelling: building the World Ocean. Bulletin of the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, 11 (5): 112-116.

Technical Reports

K. T. A. Meaney and L. J. Waterman (1991). User Manual – Measuring the Permeability of Coal, Internal Report No. 109, CSIRO Division of Geomechanics.

G. Patterson and L. Waterman (1989). Proposal – Development of the Real Time Services Section, Internal Report, IPS Radio and Space Services, IPS Series IR.

Conference Posters

Waterman, L. J. (1999). Indian ocean circulation in a regional Indian Ocean and global ocean circulation model [poster]. In: WOCE Indian Ocean Workshop, New Orleans, La. (WOCE Report, 164/99). Southampton: WOCE International Project Office. p. appendix 3. 1 p. Presented by L. J. Waterman, 21-25 September 1998.

Waterman, L. J., and McIntosh, P. C. (1994). Vertical mixing in an Indian Ocean general circulation model. In: 1st National AMOS Conference: incorporating 5th Air-Sea Interaction Conference: abstracts, University of Adelaide (AMOS Publication, 9). Melbourne: Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society. p. 91., Presented by J. S. Godfrey, 14-16 February 1994.