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I’m grateful for opportunities to read my work, and the courage I realize when I grasp those opportunities. I am a writer first and speaker second – although all writing is a form of speech, passed silently from one soul to another. Before a reading, I feel nervous. Upon beginning, I find the words transport me to another place, as is my intention. My sense of self, always fluid, takes on elements of the characters I create. Writing is a dynamic process – an act of subversion – and reading adds another dimension to that quiet revolution.

I welcome you to join me at these readings, not only to hear my words, but the words of the many talented writers with whom I am fortunate to share a birthright of literary courage!

Out of the Warm Land: Cowichan Writers 3

Out of the Warm Land: Cowichan Writers 3
Vancouver Island Regional Library, Cowichan Branch
Saturday, 26 November 2011, 2-4pm

I am thrilled to be a part of this anthology of short stories, curated by Claudia Tenold of Ten Old Books, Duncan. This is the third year that Claudia has supported local writers by giving us a platform in which to see our words in print. The authors will read excerpts from their work, alphabetically by surname, so I will be reading later in the session.

The organizers write that copies of all three anthologies in the Out of the Warm Land series will be on sale ($10 for numbers 1 & 2, and $12 for this year’s edition) and coffee, tea and treats will be served.

For The Love of Words, hosted by Bill Levity
Duncan Garage Showroom
Tuesday, 29 November 2011, 8pm-ish to 10pm-ish

I plan to read an excerpt from my current novel in progress, which is a creative stretch for me, being about a middle-aged woman dealing with life’s challenges in a locale amazingly similar to the Cowichan Valley!

The Duncan Garage Showroom is an amazing creative venue for artists of all ilks and ills, run by Longevity John, who bills himself as the Showroom’s ‘benevolent dictator’. In this role, Longevity John keeps an intelligent, lively and well-rounded arts community alive in the Valley, and we’re all the better off for his commitment.

Bill Levity is the talented and entertaining master of ceremonies of “For the Love of Words”, which falls on the fourth Tuesday of every month and is billed as:

“… a written word appreciation night… come out and share your poems, stories or your favourite piece by someone else… sing, chant, word break-dancing, read off the page, it’s a night of word appreciation… most empowering and invigorating… $5 for readers… $10 for others”

The next reading is the fourth anniversary of this event. Having been to my first reading there last month, I can tell you that this is a funny and moving expression of creativity. It’s the kind of atmosphere you wish you’d always grown up with. It’s never too late to have the creative childhood you always wanted!

See you there, in body or spirit!


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