Jane Waterman

writer, artist, adaptive yoga teacher - chronically ill and probably crazy


Bella Coola

It’s been several years now since I wrote in my writer’s blog. This first blog is to set an intention, to return to the dream that has been derailed for many years now. I am taking part in this year’s NaNoWriMo (National


Upcoming Readings

I’m grateful for opportunities to read my work, and the courage I realize when I grasp those opportunities. I am a writer first and speaker second – although all writing is a form of speech, passed silently from one soul to another.


Sanctuary revisited

I have found a sanctuary in my new homeland. It is a place of magnificent old growth trees, which talk softly to me as the angels and sprites float under the canopy. At a time when I am struggling to find roots,


Raven flew in

A friend of mine is fond of the saying: “The only permanent thing is change.” That maxim has been true of my life recently, and will be for some time to come, I am certain. Words have circulated in my head. I


Favourite quotes

My website background features one of my photos of the coast at Sorrento, Victoria, Australia. Sorrento is one of my favourite places in the world, where history meets the present, cocooned by the warm waters of Port Philip Bay and the colder



Not for a long time, has a place sung “home” like this one does. It’s all been so quick – the work so hard, the ensuing body flare and pain so overwhelming – that the mind really hasn’t caught up with it


Words are flowing

Sometimes, the words are a river. Their ferocity and intensity threaten to carry me away, to wash away the last connection with land and safety and security. What is that security? It is the place where words were mocked and ridiculed and